Welcome to the Far Wild

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Lekarsos is the newest and most remote colony of the mighty Cyphite empire. Separated from the old world by an ocean and battered by gargantuan seasonal storms, the explorers of this vast, wild land bring with them courage, bravery, and the determination to thrive. But it’ll take more than that to survive the Far Wild.

Twenty-foot tall komodo dragons stalk its sun-scorched prairies, while packs of terror birds patrol its dense jungles. The vast river systems and flood plains are inhabited by all manner of wondrous and wild aquatic creatures, all the while, horrifying, near-human wendiguars watch from the shadows of the Thick.

Think you have what it takes to survive beyond the edge of the map?

A Tour of Lekarsos

Oh, hello there! You’re just in time for today’s tour of the colony of Lekarsos. Care to join? You brought bug spray, right?

The search for more magnesia ore has driven the Cyphite empire to establish Lekarsos. The colony itself is small (<150 people) but is humanity's first excursion into the unexplored Far Wild.

Across the brackish water, where the Nostos River meets the ocean, lay the Eyeshine Shallows. If you look closely at night, you can just make out the lights of Lekarsos reflecting in the eyes of dozens of unseen creatures watching from the treeline.

Lekarsos is connected to the mainland by a strand of tidal flats. Depending on the tide, this strand is either a soggy mud flat or waist deep in brackish water. Combined with the Deadman’s Door, this natural barrier keeps the legendary beasts of the Far Wild at bay. Usually.

Tucked into the base of the northern cliffs, the Cove is a secluded beach where it’s a lot less likely anything’s out to eat you. Meanwhile, the nearby palm grove is an ideal spot for clandestine meetings by night – as long as you don’t mind mosquitoes.

Most of Lekarsos’ beaches are full of soft, white sand. Worst beach, however, is rock-strewn and sea-battered. Prevailing winds and driven waves assault the shore, and occasionally, wash up the corpses of strange and frightening sea creatures.

The Nostos River flows from the distant interior of the Far Wild. Though exploration of it has been limited, it’s believed the river’s tannin-stained and silt-filled waters are deep and thriving with life. Massive fish and even more massive predators stalk its depths.

And...that’s concludes our tour of Lekarsos – oh, and look! We didn’t even lose any guests today! How unusual is that? Thanks for joining me, and stay tuned in the coming months as I announce the various short stories and novel that will take place here, on the edge of the Far Wild.